Coir Carpet

The Golden Fibre - The Greatness of Coir

Coir matting's are used for indoors, outdoors, stairs, runner, foyers or as room rugs;
It can be used to cover large areas and our coir matting are great for the home & office with easy maintenance, they can be vacuumed, taken outside and shaken and coir rugs have a natural resistance to water so they do not easy rot.

We are also making Coir tiles in various colours, that can be laid and removed easily for installation or cleaning purpose and the back side of the tiles is coated with rubber for extra grip and stiffness, Its both great in offices and big halls. Available in 12x12, 18x18, 24x24 inches.

We have variety range of coir and coir blended floor coverings woven on machine looms. Our designs include Panama,  Bouchle, Herring Bone etc.
Coir Matting are available in any size and measurement with Natural ,Bleech or colored.

Coir Tiles

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