Sisal is a super tough, environmentally friendly fibre that is fashionable, hardwearing and practical. Sisal carpets and rugs are stylish, chic and durable; a perfect choice for high traffic areas where good looks and practicality are desirable.

Benefits of sisal carpeting

  • Natural fiber and eco-friendly

  • Naturally  stain resistant

  • Sisal doesn’t trap dust or allergens

  • Heavy duty, durable and good for heavy traffic areas

  • Does not build up static electricity

  • Won’t compress or show wear patterns like a typical wall to wall carpet

  • Neutral colored, so sisal carpet goes with most furniture, decors, and paint colors.  Tends to appeal to those with more sophisticated tastes and styles.

  • Absorbs sound well – the molecular structure of sisal is dense and absorbs sound better than other types of carpets.


Sisal Carpet